British original controller DSE520

British original controller DSE520

Product description:

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Product Description

Brand: deep sea

Model: DSE520

British imports of deep-sea controller DSE520

Since the launch of the DSE520A type controller

The controller is designed to control for the turbine and generator design, automatically control the start and stop; the bright LED indicates the current work status, fault content; manual, automatic and three parking spaces lock switch input, to ensure safe operation; control function and other requirements can be adjusted, modify and develop two times according to the customer specific requirements;

Main features:

Precise control of micro computer

Highlight LED fault indication

The three interlocking switch

Alloy shell with strong anti interference

Fully compatible with DSE 520

The large capacity relay output

Multi motor automatic protection

Main function:

Start and stop control

The controller has to manually start and stop and remote automatic start and stop function, to meet the on-site debugging, manned and unmanned, remote automation control.

Engine monitoring

Automatic monitoring of engine operating conditions, including: speed, oil pressure, water temperature, the voltage of the battery, charger;