Generator controller | Original New Zealand EMS BH1001 EC

Generator controller | Original New Zealand EMS BH1001 EC

Product description:

Use and characteristics of genuine original New Zealand EMS BH1001 EC generator controller:

Diesel generator set controller


EMS BH1001 EC is a diesel generator set controller load switching function.

The controller can be the starting and braking sequence control unit by automatic or manual mode, provides excitation control and monitoring of AC motor, but also has the power and unit load switching function. Controller comprehensive monitoring of generator parameters and in a warning or alarm to warn the reliable protection of generator.


1 manual / automatic start;

2 load switching controller;

3 AC motor excitation control;

4 integrated 7 engine parameters: engine speed, running schedule unit, battery voltage meter, oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel level, oil temperature gauge;

More than 5 speed input signal: gear magnetic sensor and engine AC output;

6 fuel output support: start and brake open open;

7 front panel full menu configuration;

The 8 power supply voltage on fire protection;

9 LCD screen and a light emitting diode alarm;

10 wide input voltage 8-30V DC;