Imported Controller | British original Deep Sea DSE5510

Imported Controller | British original Deep Sea DSE5510

Product description:

Brand: deep sea

Model: DSE5510

Place of origin : Britain

DSE5510 is an automatic engine control module, is designed to provide advanced load distribution function, used for diesel and gas turbine, including electronic and non electronic engine. The module also provides engine monitoring and protection function well.

Synchronization function of these modules including, with built-in synchronizer for automatic synchronization, and switching to non electric pump. Provide from direct and flexible output module, to allow the connection to the governor on the most commonly used and the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) . This module is designed to combine up to 16 generators, and 16 and up to the power of 20, in one system, for example: 16 generators and 4 Electric (DSE5560 must be synchronized with the power)

The module has the ability to monitor the generator under voltage / low voltage, high current, generator under voltage / frequency, less speed, speeding, charging failure, emergency shutdown, low oil pressure, high water temperature, can not start, battery low / high DC voltage, unable to stop, the generator short circuit protection, reverse power, phase sequence error generator, grounding fault protection, loss, dropping speed signal can not open, not closed, no synchronization and MPU circuit fault, negative phase sequence and the excitation loss.


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Main features:

Electronic engine capacity

RS232 and RS485 remote communication

Modbus RTU

The front panel programming PIN password protection

Engine operation timer

Backlight LCD display 4 lines of text

Multi language options

To measure the voltage

configurable input (9)

Can be configured to output (5)

Automatic startup

The manual start

Sound the alarm

The LED indicator lamp

The built-in converter and AVR control

Engine historical event record

Engine protection

Notice the special personal computer fault

The front panel installation

The PC configuration

electric (grid) fault detection

Configurable alarm timer

Can be configured to start and stop the timer

Automatic load transfer

SMS warning information

Multi machine communication

The remote control

Magnetic probe

The load distribution function:

according to the load demand of the automatic start and stop of the generator

The generating set automatic balance running time

Non electric electric induction?

module and load distribution line connecting interface existing

module and the governor and the AVR direct communication

The voltage and frequency of the match

and multiple generators for KW and Kvar load distribution

ROCOF and vector shift


Send text messages to inform the Engineer Specific problems related to engine (GSM modem and SIM card)

The on-site and remote module configuration

The built-in engine diagnosis? Dispense with the need for repair equipment

engine protection and measuring instrument complete, do not need additional sensors (only in the electronic engine)

comprehensive computer software using DSE remote monitoring module

Free computer software


Module using the front panel of the stop / reset, manual, automatic and the start button. One of three keys, including a LED indicating lamp. An additional button provides the liquid crystal display, light test, mute function and circuit breaker control.