Original British import | deep sea controller DSE7510

Original British import | deep sea controller DSE7510

Product description:

Brand: deep sea

Model: DSE7510

Place of Origin: Britain

Deep Sea Electronics

PLC British sea DSE7510 startup module is used for electrically connected in parallel and non electrically controlled diesel and gas generator and load distribution. Provide the engine monitoring and protection function of more advanced. The load distribution function module, rely on the built-in synchronization indicator and parallel output bus to realize automatic synchronization. Module flexible output port. Can be directly connected to common governor and automatic voltage regulator (AVR) . The module supports up to 16 units and 16 Road, 20 road, power, power supply up to support a system, such as use of 16 generating units and

4 way power (need to use 7560 module and connected) .

The module can monitor generator overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overclocking, low frequency, charging, emergency stop, failure, low oil pressure, engine temperature, failed to start, DC battery voltage too high, too low, stop failure, generator short circuit protection, reverse power, generator phase adjustment errors, grounding protection, sensor signal loss alarm, opening, closing failure, different synchronization, MPU signal failure shutdown protection, negative sequence shutdown protection and loss of excitation.


240mmx181. immx41.7mm, 9.4'X 71 X16

Panel size hole in 220mm 160mm, 87 x 6.3