Generator controller | controller GU641B Kay

Generator controller | controller GU641B Kay

Product description:

Model: GU641B

Product certification


Controller GU641B power generating unit is power failure self starting controller of a new generation of single generator, the appearance and structure of the new, take the customer demand as the focus, improve the performance of the controller, so that the products fully meet the generator users or professional assembly plant for different types of generating units and automatic control requirements.

Voltage and current by measuring the true value.

2 analog input, built-in multiple sensor selection, can be custom parameters.

More than one can define auxiliary control relay output.

More than one can define isolation switch input.

The controller panel button is used to select the control mode, start and stop running the program, data display and running protection parameter modification, LED indicator for running state indicating the mode of the controller and the generator, LCD display of the measurement parameters and state.

Flexible adaptation of RS485, RS232 and USB communication interface, remote monitoring, or with the PC communication, fully realize the remote, telemetry, remote control function, operation parameters and can be read out and set the controller.

All wired controller are connected by pin locked terminal, wired, mobile, repair, replacement of the equipment is very easy and convenient.

Speed control board 51115131550055205521, EDG550052215522555055565570, KSC2011, KSC5586 (the) , 533053402241, S6700E, DFM1002301A; actuators: the PT pump core 34083243408326, ADC225S, ADC175, KSD2001 high power actuator (for 1000KW generator)

And machine series: 672N, 2016714.: 100101105120122113718 interface card, and computer relay board and machine, transformer, 5K multi turn potentiometer, the emergency stop switch, and machine grid cabinet etc.;

Controller: 701702K, 704710720501K, 511051205210522031107220731073207510520550, GTR168, GTR50, EMS39BH1001, EC, GU320B, GU620A, GU640, GU641B, TU510A-MG/ MM, E100, E200, E300, E350, N100, N200. Benigni BE46, the control box special plate, shock absorber, shock absorber rubber, overspeed protection device OSP850;

Cummings series: 0900913044196322304419573330373594913988, VDO oil / water / tachometer. Temperature / pressure, speed sensor, . PCC panel, P810 interface, 7 light board. 12 lamp board, and machine, transformer, charger, car solenoid valve 30179933018453

AVR: SX440, AS440, SX460 plate, MX321, MX341, R230, R250, R438, R448, R449, R450, R450T, R450M. SE3508A, 12A, 15A, WT-2, VR6, UVR6, SSAYEC432, EA04C, EA05A, EA15, EA16, AVC63-7, DVR2000E, BE2000E, S726, LSA50.2and LL8200 only varistor, bridge rectifier diodes.

Charger: BC3A, BC6A, BC7033A, BC10ABC12A

Controller: AMF25, AMF20, MRS10, MRS16, IC-NT (and machine controller) IG-NT-GC

Dynamo: a small gasoline engine and diesel, biogas generator;