Controller GU620A

Controller GU620A

Product description:


Self starting controller is a new generation of single generator, the appearance and structure of the new, take the customer demand as the focus, to improve

High performance controller, so that products meet user or professional assembly plant generator for generating unit of different types of automatic control requirements.

The 1 voltage and current by measuring the true value.

2 multi language menu selection.

3 the 128*64 dot matrix LCD display.

4.4 analog input, can be used for pressure, temperature and oil level measurement, and built a variety of sensor selection, can be customized.

The number of.

5 more can define auxiliary control relay output.

6 more defined isolation switch input.

The 7 controller panel buttons for selecting the control mode, start and stop running the program, data display and operation of protection parameters modification

Instead, LED indicator for running state indicating the mode of the controller and the generator.

LCD display all measurement parameters and state.

8 flexible adaptation of RS485, RS232 or USB communication interface, remote monitoring, through communication with the PC, fully realize the remote signal, remote

Measurement, the remote control function, operation parameters and can be read out and set the controller.

9 adaptive GPRS-DTU controller module, emergency SMS and wireless network monitoring function.

10 optional CANbus communication port, the parameters of ECU engine to read and control.

All the connection of the 11 controllers are connected through pin locked terminal, wired, mobile, repair, replacement of the equipment is very easy and convenient.

12 optional ultra low temperature function, select the function of the controller can be run in -40 to 70 degree ambient temperature.