Original Power Factor Controller E000-22090

Original Power Factor Controller E000-22090

Product description:

Original genuine STAMFORD power factor controller, the PFC3 can control the generator and power system and electricity of the power factor, the protection of the safety of the generator.

Part number: E000-21030/ E000-22090

The Power Factor Controller (PFC3) is designed to control the
power factor reactive current (VAr) of a generator whilst running
in parallel with the mains utility.
The PFC3 is also equipped with a voltage matching facility for
use with automatic synchronisation equipment. This dispenses
with the need for motorised potentiometers and allows a lower
cost synchroniser to be used.
The PFC3 can also be connected to provide power factor
correction of the incoming mains feeder by using the generator
to supply the reactive current. A current limiting facility is provided
to prevent generator overload.

In order to power factor controller (pfc3) power factor wattless current generator (VAR) , and operation

Parallel with the power utility.

Voltage facilities is also equipped with pfc3 using automatic synchronization device. This exemption of motor potential, and allowing the lower

Use cost synchronizer.

Pfc3 can also be connected to provide power factor correction using the generator power feeder to provide wattless current. Limiting facilities to prevent the generator overload