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  • DVR2000E
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Product Description

The DVR2000E is an electronic, solid-state, microprocessor-based control device. The DVR2000E regulates the output voltage of a brushless, ac generator by controlling the current into the generator exciter ? eld. Input power to the DVR2000E is from a multi-pole, high-frequency, permanent magnet generator (PMG) .

The DVR2000E is supplied in an encapsulated package designed for behind-the-panel mounting. The DVR2000E is held in place by thread-forming screws that thread into its plastic shell. Front panel indicators (LEDs) annunciate regulator status and system conditions. DVR2000E connections are made through quarter-inch, quick-connect terminals on the rear panel. A 9-pin DB-9 type connector on the rear panel provides communication between the DVR2000E and an IBM compatible PC.

When the DVR2000E Voltage regulator is mounted on the generator at the factory a molded cover is provided.

This cover allows the system to be in compliance with UL 508 as live terminals and heatsinks could be exposed to unintentional contact. As stated this cover must be installed whenever the voltage regulator is energized.


DVR2000E units have the following features and capabilities.

• Four control modes: automatic voltage regulation (AVR) , manual or ? eld current regulation (FCR) , power factor (PF) regulation, and reactive power (VAR) regulation.

• Programmable stability settings.

• Soft start control with an adjustable time setting in AVR control mode.

• Overexcitation (OEL) limiting in AVR, VAR, and PF control modes.

• Underfrequency (volts/ hertz) regulation.

• Crowbar circuitry protects the ?eld.

• Overtemperature protection.

• Three-phase or single-phase generator voltage (RMS) sensing/ regulation in AVR mode.

• Single-phase generator current sensing for metering and regulation purposes.

• Field current and field voltage sensing.

• Four contact sensing inputs for system interface.

• One common output relay for alarm indication and trip functions.

• Six protection functions (overexcitation shutdown, generator overvoltage shutdown, DVR overtemperature shutdown, loss of generator sensing shutdown, overexcitation limiting and crowbar shutdown) .

• Generator paralleling with reactive droop compensation and reactive differential compensation.

• Front-panel human-machine interface (HMI) indicates system and DVR2000E status and gives the ability to make setting changes at the front panel.

• Rear RS-232 communication port for personal computer communication using MARATHON-DVR2000E- COMS Windows based software for fast, user-friendly, setup and control.

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10cm x 8cm x 5cm (3.94in x 3.15in x 1.97in)