Abstract Art Modern Contemporary Acrylic Painting (EGDS01344)

Abstract Art Modern Contemporary Acrylic Painting (EGDS01344)

Product description:

We supply 100% handmade modern and abstract oil paintings. We have hundreds of professional artists and painters, most of them have decade painting experience and were graduated from Chinese famous academy of fine arts. Each of them is good at one or several subjects or styles of oil paintings, such as European classical style.

Our modern and abstract or decorative oil paintings sujects include decor People, decor animal, decor scenery, decor landscape, decor flowers, decor still life, new fashion, Group oil painting, etc.

Oil painting regular sizes (inch) include: 8x10, 12x16, 16x20, 20x24, 24x36, 24x48, 30x40, 36x48, 48x72 etc, Custom size is acceptable. There is no quantity limit; We can supply from the tens of thousands to tens of thousands pieces every month.

Modern decorative painting sizes (cm) : 40*40, 40*60, 50*50, 50*60, 60*60, 60*80, 60*120, 80*80, etc.
Group oil painting sizes (cm) : 30*60+60*60+30*60, 40*80+80*80+40*80, 40*60*2, 40*60*3, 50*50*2, 50*50*3, 50*60*2, 50*50*3, 60*60*2, 60*60*3, 60*80*2, etc.

You are welcome to send your own painting pictures, designs, or photograph to us, and we'll do a good job.