Feng Shui backdrop, the financial resources Pui Pui King Build Your Wealth Feng Shui we have to believe

Feng Shui backdrop, the financial resources Pui Pui King Build Your Wealth Feng Shui we have to believe

Product description:

Decorative Style: Medallion Grade: Excellence in goods Layers: Composite
Color: Pastoral Thickness: 8mm Material: Shell
Origin: Jiangxi Specifications: 1000 * 1200mm Whether the trade: Yes
Usage: Indoor Brand: Tony King Function: Feng Shui
Type of foreign trade: Export

Shell backdrop is a natural product, which originated from natural shells, is a combination of nature and technology, to create a comfortable furniture environment, the release of formaldehyde release fresh and natural. Feng shui backdrop, shellfish as financial resources, for the possession of shellfish Bao, backed by financial resources to do business - Preferred CEOs office, to bring you an unexpected wealth!

First, the shell backdrop styles Can custom?
Tony King company has a professional design team can provide you with a variety of styles and professional custom styles.

Second, how long delivery?

Shell backdrop for the custom-made products, production time need 7-10 days, the logistics need 3-5 days time to the customer site where the city (except remote areas).

Third, the packaging safe?

Factories are specially made wooden box according to the size of the backdrop, and placed in a wooden box foam and other items in order to ensure product safety in the transport process.

Fourth, how replenishment?

Press the same price replenishment, ie purchase price is multiplied by the square of the number of replenishment time to calculate the total amount of the purchase price when the replenishment.

Such as: 1000 yuan / square meters, fill 0.3㎡ namely: 1000 * 0.3 = 300 yuan.

V. How backdrop shells Stones?

Our shells backdrop backdrop of other materials such as paving method is similar, we must first ensure the smooth wall, then use the general neutral glue (such as glass, plastic, marble glue, etc.) attached perpendicular to the wall, be careful pressing to ensure adequate drying time (usually 24 hours) on it.

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