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Freshmen Tony King shellfish supply Huangdie shellfish shell mosaic shell plate

Freshmen Tony King shellfish supply Huangdie shellfish shell mosaic shell plate
  • Freshmen Tony King shellfish supply Huangdie shellfish shell mosaic shell plate
  • Freshmen Tony King shellfish supply Huangdie shellfish shell mosaic shell plate
  • Freshmen Tony King shellfish supply Huangdie shellfish shell mosaic shell plate
Product code: 24608800001
Unit price: 2380 CNY  (346.04 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: White Yellow Gold
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Specifications: 30 * 30 (cm) Water absorption: 0 Maintenance: water
Density: 2.86 (g / m3) Surface effect: light Style: Chinese classical
Modulus of rupture: 120 (Mpa) Compressive strength: 39.2 (Mpa) Standard: Mosaic Standard
Origin: Jiangxi Duchang Function Space: Living Room Brand: Tony King
Color: neutral color Application of space: Indoor Pattern: Puzzle
Series: China Impression Product Category: Mosaic Tiles / Mosaic ()

Excellent selection of imported raw materials, all kinds of shellfish, the layers of the selection, remove the salvage, damaged during transport caused by pollution and other shells, while in the process, a rigorous screening out sand and dust, pores, and other products, the cutting process Excluding the edge portion, the thickness and quality assurance of products, through linear vertical grinding technology, straight edge and high per unit of product, seamless technology of tight, just like the product as a whole in general, while giving shape and color of naturalization, in natural eco-friendly pearl shell decorative panel, using a linear array of the latest international technology. Its color is an organic color, metallic non-traditional ceramic glass, so it is absolutely environmentally friendly, and we match the corresponding natural pearl shells, and held for 20 years do not fade.

Shell mosaic, is a natural product, which originated from a combination of natural shells, nature and technology, highlighting its value, is waterproof, environmentally friendly share, shell beauty in nature, beneficial and harmless to humans in the United States, tasteless, non-toxic comply with modern environmental standards. It is formaldehyde nemesis, inside there is a chitin shells, can become harmful formaldehyde harmless substances, for people to eliminate the risks renovated, it no radiation, no pollution. Mosaic set fashion, environmental protection and high-grade in one, make your home show luxurious style.

Shell decorative boards: the use of natural materials shell - Tahiti black lip shell and the quality of the Tamsui River shellfish, abalone shell, yellow lip shell, white butterfly shell etc., environmental protection, waterproof, fire-natural materials, in line with modern home environmental needs, using the latest jewelry and crafts processing technology, through our technical staff Seiko fine cut, many trials, and ultimately achieve a high standard specification, so that each piece of shell attached to the wood or tile connections are tight, smooth feel. Let from nature, tastefully decorated into modern life, and away from formaldehyde, radiation and pollution, for the pursuit of those high quality of life; but also hotels, guesthouses, villas, ideal material for interior decoration of senior leisure club, has become the world's most popular , the new fashion elements.

The factory is located in the vicinity of the famous freshwater lake Poyang Lake, has many years of production experience, products based on the natural freshwater and marine life shellfish shell, through advanced production technology, production process to avoid the man-made pollution products is series of pure natural pollution-free environment-friendly high-grade interior decoration materials. superior product quality, reasonable prices, favored, we specialize in producing various kinds of shellfish shells and decorative products, decorative supporting soft shell, shell tiles, shell decorative boards, shell backdrop, shells mosaics, shell crafts, shell frame frame, shell mosaic are: abalone shell, black lip shell, white butterfly shell, shell pink, yellow butterfly shell etc. And all shapes, variety, scattered pieces, net spell, secret. fight, specifications and design can be customized according to your requirements, and another sample for reference. They unique technology and design, can meet all kinds of luxury villas, hotels, senior clubs, specialty restaurants, bars, cafes and other places Unique personalized decor, the most current technological breakthroughs, so distinguished you advance to enjoy views of noble feelings.

Specifications: any size can be made according to customer needs, recommend the best 300 * 300MM

Color: natural color or dyed shell material according to the customer's preferences

Advantages: natural, pollution

Product Substrate: ceramic tile, PVC panels, fire board;

Manufacturers (Foshan Tony King shellfish Decorative Products Co., Ltd.) direct, quality assurance, price concessions are welcome to plans to sample the Advisory, order!

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