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2013 Tony King brand new shell mosaic backdrop

2013 Tony King brand new shell mosaic backdrop
  • 2013 Tony King brand new shell mosaic backdrop
Product code: 24607700001
Unit price: 1980 CNY  (287.74 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Series: China Impression Standard: close fight Density: 1.48 (g / m3)
Water absorption: 6.8 (%) Material: Yellow Butterfly Pui Origin: Jiangxi
Stain resistance: 21 Model: BGS-W01 Maintenance: water
Specifications: 300 * 300mm Modulus of rupture: 14100 (Mpa) Whether the trade: Yes
Thermal shock resistance: 97 Brand: Tony King Color: warm colors
Corrosion resistance: 86 Type of foreign trade: Export Compressive strength: 17 (Mpa)
Level: high Function Space: Living Room Style: Modern European
Surface effect: light Pattern: Puzzle Product Category: mosaic tiles / mosaic
Usage: Indoor Special Features: anti-pollution

Lufthansa garden:

Odd garden full of flowers, incense six days fade also wilt, try to choose my country flower, fragrance does not shift with the seasons Bailinhansuo upscale residential district famous worldwide, the German Federal Association of Architects invited from 19 primary 席奥托巴特宁 53 countries, architect designed, as this vibrant, noble, let ordinary people unattainable Platonic Garden District, as Tony King 'is also tailored for you a' Lufthansa garden 'use Australia and the Philippines precious marine natural shells as a raw material, the designer according to different textures and physical characteristics, without any artificial modification of the way, holding the shell of a natural color, texture clear and beautiful for your whole home environment has played a finishing touch action, fully demonstrated the owner's gorgeous and noble, but not lack elegance and pure.

Shell mosaic backdrop, is a natural product, it stems from a combination of natural shells, nature and technology, highlighting its value, is waterproof, environmentally friendly share, shell beauty in nature, not beneficial to humans in the United States harm, tasteless, non-toxic comply with modern environmental standards. It is formaldehyde nemesis, inside there is a chitin shells, it can become harmful formaldehyde harmless substances, for people to eliminate the risks renovated, it no radiation, no pollution Mosaic set fashion, environmental protection and high-grade in one, make your home show luxurious style.

First, the shell backdrop styles can be customized?

Tony King company has a professional design team can provide you with a variety of styles and professional custom styles.

Second, how long delivery?

Shell backdrop for custom products, production time need 7-10 days, the logistics need 3-5 days to your city logistics station (except in remote areas).

Third, the packaging safe?

Factories are specially made wooden box according to the size of the backdrop, and put foam and other items in a wooden box in order to ensure product safety in the transport process.

Fourth, how replenishment?

Press the same price replenishment, that is, when the purchase price multiplied by the square of the number of replenishment to calculate the total payment replenishment.

Such as: 1000 yuan / , Make up 0.3 It is 1000x0.3 = 300 元

V. How backdrop shells Stones?

Our shell decorative boards and other materials decorative plate installation procedure is similar to the first wall to ensure smooth, then generally neutral glue (such as glass, plastic, marble glue, etc.) attached to the vertical wall, be careful compressions. ensure adequate drying time (usually 24 hours) on it

Specifications: any size can be made according to customer's needs

Advantages: natural, pollution

Manufacturers (Foshan Tony King shellfish Decorative Products Co., Ltd.) direct, quality assurance, price concessions are welcome to plans to sample the Advisory, order!

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