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Tony King | 'Crossroad Dawn', to build domestic shell backdrop top brands!

Tony King | 'Crossroad Dawn', to build domestic shell backdrop top brands!
  • Tony King | 'Crossroad Dawn', to build domestic shell backdrop top brands!
Product code: 24607600001
Unit price: 2880-3080 CNY
Reference price: 418.34-447.39 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece Gold
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Decor: Shangpin century Grade: First grade Layers: close fight
Color: warm colors Material: Shell Origin: Jiangxi Duchang
Model: BGS-W02 Modulus of rupture: 14100 (Mpa) Specifications: 300 * 300mm (cm)
Whether the trade: Yes Thermal shock resistance: 97 Brand: Tony King
Features: mildew, moth, anti-bacterial, fire retardant, sound absorption, anti-static, anti-fouling, moisture

Name: Crossroad Dawn

Crossroad Dawn:

When the plume rays break through the mist sprinkling the earth, his nature, his warmth. The impetuous heart slowly was quiet, peaceful morning pacing barefoot on soft sand, despite the influx of fog wet his trousers, occasionally find variety of shells, gently picked up, pour on the ear to listen to the morning of the sea, full of feelings of joy newborn.

Shell backdrop

It is a natural product, which originated from natural shells, natural and bonding process, to create a comfortable home environment, adsorption of formaldehyde release fresh and natural, giving you a healthy and environmentally friendly home. There is a chitin inner shells, can The harmful formaldehyde into harmless substances, for people to eliminate the risks decoration, no radiation, no pollution, styles, Tony King - Your backdrop advisor!

First, the possibility of customized shell backdrop styles?

Tony King company has a professional design team can provide a variety of styles and professional custom styles for you.

Second, how long delivery?

Shell backdrop for custom products, production time need 7-10 days, the logistics need 3-5 days to a site where the host city (except remote areas).

Third, the packaging safe?

Factories are specially made wooden box according to the size of the backdrop, and put foam and other items in a wooden box in order to ensure product safety in the transport process.

Fourth, how replenishment?

Press the same price replenishment, that is, when the purchase price multiplied by the square of the number of replenishment time to calculate the total amount of the purchase price when the replenishment.

Such as: 1000 yuan / square meters, fill 0.3㎡ namely 1000 * 0.3 = 300 yuan

V. How backdrop shells Stones?

Our shell decorative plates and other decorative materials plate paving method is similar, we must first ensure the smooth wall, then use the general neutral glue (such as glass, plastic, marble glue, etc.) attached perpendicular to the wall, carefully pressed, ensure adequate drying time (usually 24 hours) on it.

Factory direct, high quality, price concessions are welcome to plans to sample Consulting.

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