Jacketed Kettle For Small Experiment (tilting)

Jacketed Kettle For Small Experiment (tilting)

Product description:


Jackted kettle for small experiment is also calledminiaturejacket steam kettle, which is wildly used for processing all kinds of food. With this equipment, food factory can also do an experiment on cooking food , sugar samplingand extracting chinese herbs. It is the best equipment for pharmacy, food and chemical industry to reducce labour costs, enhance the product quality and shorten the time needed for debugging.


1. consist of pan body supporting legs and other components.

2. The pot body is a double-layer structure formed by hemispherical pot from both inside and outside. The middle interlayer can add steam and hot oil to heat.


1 . large heating areas , uniform heating , high thermal efficiency, short boiling time; easy to control heating temperature.

2. beautiful appearance, easy to install and operate, safe and convenient.

Technical parameters

1. Applicable range; special for chemical industry to do an experiment on cooking food, . extracting chinese herbs and sugar sampling..

2. work capacity; 20L

3 SIZE: 400*150*3

4. Materials; All stainless steel design (both SUS304 inside and outside)

5. mixing parametric; according to the characteristics of processing materials (speed in 36 rpm)

6. Form of structure: (tilting–type)

7.Working voltage: 380V

8. Means of heating; Z-steam heating, D- electrical heating R-gas heating (customer can choose the means of heating under current conditions)