Zongzi Cooking Pot

Zongzi Cooking Pot

Product description:


Zongzi cooking pot is designed according to the traditional folk handicraft art from different regions of China. JUST directly put wrapped Zongzi into the pot, then you can get steamed Zongzi by unique enclosed heating technology. This machine suits all kinds of small-sized processing factory to produce Zongzi and can also used for cooking eggproducts and Soy products. It is considered to be the best equipment for food processing to improve the work condition, enhance the product quality and the production efficiency.


1. consists of pot-cover , pot-body , pot support legs and other component. The cover is connected with the pot body by good flange which can resist high pressure.

2. taking hot stream and electrical as heating sources.


1. large heating areas , uniform heating , high thermal efficiency, short boiling time; temperature can be easily controlled.

2. beautiful appearance, easy to install and operate, safe and convenient.

Technical parameters

1 Model: JYZ-500/ ZD

2Working capacity; 500L (According to the density of water)

3. Materials: SUS304 (stainless steel)

4. Form of structure : fixed type ( vertical type )

5 Means of heating; can be heated by gas or electric. (according to your special demands)