Tilting Jacketed-kettle With Agitator

Tilting Jacketed-kettle With Agitator

Product description:


Tilting jacketed-kettle is also calledjacketedsteam kettle with agitator, which is widely applied to all kinds ofmoon cake stuffing food production. It also can be used to boil, soup, cook, stew and porridge in some large restaurants and canteens . It is considered to be the perfect equipment for food processing to improve the work condition, enhance the product quality and the production efficiency. We have different structures of this machine, such as Fixed-type and Tilting-type .


Consist of pot body and bracket,and the pot body is a double-layer structure formed by hemispherical potfrom both inside and outside, middle layer can add steam and oil to heat.


1 . large heating areas , uniform heating , high thermal efficiency, short boiling time; easy to control heating temperature.

2 . The machine has a beautiful appearance, easy to install and operate. It is safe and convenient. .

Technical parameters

1. applicable range; available for making moon cake filling , dried beef and other kind of processed foods .

2. Working capacity; 50L-600L

3 SIZE; According to following chart.

4 Materials; All stainless steel design (both SUS304 inside and outside) ,

Semi-steel (SUS304 inside and Q235B outside)

5. Power of agitator; according to the features of processing material.

6. Form of structure; fixed or tilting

7. Working voltage: 380V

8. Mode of heating; Z-steam heating, D- electrical heating R-gas heating (customer can choose the mode of heating under current conditions)