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LED display box, light boxes, lamps test cases, functional test cases, international design programs

LED display box, light boxes, lamps test cases, functional test cases, international design programs
  • LED display box, light boxes, lamps test cases, functional test cases, international design programs
Product code: 24605700001
Unit price: 1700-1780 CNY
Reference price: 247.19-258.82 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Power consumption: custom (w) Life: 3 Size: 39 * 25 * 5.5 / 8.0 (cm)
Custom processing: Material: aluminum, specialty panels Shape: rectangular
LOGO: can Model: cyj-217 Process: Machining
Specifications: 39 * 25 * 5.5 / 8.0 Brand: Creative Good

Product Specifications

Product Code: CYJ-217 Product Categories: LED display box
Product feet: 39*25*5.5/8.0 Products feet: 41*27*6.5/9.0
Weight (KG) 5.00 Colour: customizable
Use: LED product promotion, exhibition, tender, product demonstrations, etc.
This product is the smallest contrast display cases, there are two kinds of black and white panels, with four clamps, one of the best-selling models to meet various types of lighting display and test, easy to use, small size, easy to carry .

product manual

1, with E27 / E26, GU10, E14 lamp base is divided into Area A (traditional), and area (LED) B real-time comparison demonstration and G24 (LED), MR16 (DC12V) holder. (All lamps and external are with one switch conveniently shown).
2, the light box header configuration: two AC multi-parameter meter achieve contrast, a DC power header.
3, you can directly compare with the reading test conventional high voltage LED area lamp socket interface (display: voltage, current, active power, power factor, annual electricity consumption and the national grid frequency).
4, it can directly interface through DC12 MR16 DC function test (or low pressure readings measured by the adapter MR16 lamp holder interface (via the AC adapter into DC).
5, AC output interface: There are two clamps (output 85V-275V) points AB sitting area, and a universal plug (OUTPUT 85V-275V) area B, convenient external display real-time comparison of other lights.
6, DC output interface: there is a there is a clamp (output DC-12V), 12V low pressure to facilitate external testing.
7, you can add boxes line, measure LED lamps or traditional lamp.
8, dimming feature, you can test whether the relevant interface lamps with dimming power. (There are two stalls, stalls DIMMABLE dimmable and non-dimmable gear NON-DIMMABLE).
9, AC voltage display area: You can display the input voltage, the voltage of the international support, voltage range from 65-285V for use in an overseas environment voltages can be displayed abroad, as in the domestic environment 220V 220V just show up and down.
10, AC current display area: the accuracy of the current one-thousandth, that is to say to Ho An accurate current (mA), you can accurately display LED lamps or other lights current range is 5A.
11, AC power display: You can display the open interfaces on the lamp power, power meter can be accurate to one decimal place back, can accurately reflect the power of change or contrast maximum power up to 1100W of power if more than this range, the... Show me the fuse will blow.
12, the power factor (PF value) display area: You can display LED bulb (a) power factor (Note: PF value is LED lamps a very important parameter; traditional incandescent PF value is 1).
13, the annual electricity consumption of the display area. Display the annual electricity consumption of the lights (the lights when working eight hours a day, a year down the number of electricity used by, the daily working time can set their own).
14, the frequency display area: grid frequency-dependent countries, such as China's national grid is not the same frequency and abroad, some foreign frequency of 60HZ.
15, storage boxes: with a power cord, fuses and E27 conversion head to facilitate customer display use.
16, service hotline: 0755-27057249 13502890766 Li Sheng.

Terms and Conditions

1. Do not put water or other liquid dripping box, so as not to cause a short circuit or lead to mechanical failure.
2, using the process, do not touch the exposed live metal cabinets.
3, such as a short circuit resulting in lighting products because the insurance is blown, replace insurance.
4, test non-dimmable lamps, please dimming gear open to non-dimmable light, otherwise the lamp will not work, test fixture set dimmer dimmer switch to adjust light gear.
5, non-professionals do not open the top and bottom panels.
6, when not in use, turn off the power, keep clean.
7, the product is wide voltage input, the input voltage is how much, how much voltage becomes high-pressure part.
Our advantages: international design, durable, beautifully designed, safe and reliable, intuitive, easy to move.
Or can be tailored according to customer requirements increase with conventional or non-conventional products, LED lamp, LED lamps for a variety of testing and demonstration.