LED display box, LED display box contrast, exports show boxes, boxes, lamps test box

LED display box, LED display box contrast, exports show boxes, boxes, lamps test box

Product description:

Color: optional Power consumption: 0-500 (w) Life: 2
Size: 36.0 * 22.0 * 5.0 / 8.0 (cm) Custom processing: Material: Aluminum + Firewood
Shape: rectangular LOGO: can Model: CYJ-269
Process: Machine carving + handmade Size: 36.0 * 22.0 * 5.0 / 8.0 Brand: Creative Jia / CYJ
The new minimum contrast display boxes, export version

Product Specifications

Product Code: CYJ-269 Product Categories: LED display box
Product feet: 36.0*22.0*5.0/8.0 Products feet: 38.0*23.0*7.0/9.0
Weight (KG) 3.80 Colour: Optional
Use: LED enterprise product promotion, exhibition, tender, product demonstrations, testing, etc.

product manual

A zone configuration lamp socket (traditional): AC output external clamp 1PCS
E27 / E261PCS, E141PCS, GU10 1PCS
Configuration lampholder zone (LED) B: AC output external clamp 1PCS
E27 / E261PCS, E141PCS, GU10 1PCS
Configuring lampholder C zone (low pressure): external clamp 1PCS, MR16 2PCS
All lamps and external interfaces are equipped with one switch easy real-time testing, AC external interfaces four clamps and universal socket
How much is a wide input voltage output is the number of programs; four low-voltage output connector clip from the power adapter to convert DC-12V AC
According to your requirements increase with the other low-voltage output, such as DC-24V, etc. can be connected to test various boxes on this exhibition is not configured lampholders other lamps such as downlights
, 1.5 m lamp, light strips.
Power Meter Configuration: Multi-function electrical parameter tester (AKX06A) points A, each 1PCS area B, DC power meter (DPP5140A) in Zone C 1PCS
AKX06A real-time display: voltage, current, power, power factor, annual electricity consumption, the national grid frequency.
DPP5140A the real-time display: Xiangxi Description power (W) power meter.
You can log on to our upgraded website: www.cyjcase.com.cn LED Accessories series of detailed presentation according to your requirements plus equipped with temperature.
Testing and other requirements of multi-function power meter or one meter head.
Dimming Function: Normally located in the area B test interfaces LED lamps with dimming function if, with a dimmer switch: To pull the dimmer
DIMMALBE, not dimming the pull to NON-DIMMABLE.
storage box: Configuring a power line (according to your requirements with the US rules or EU regulations, etc.), fuses and E27 conversion head to facilitate your show
Our advantages: International design, beautifully designed, safe and reliable, intuitive, easy to move to three-year warranty for the country.
Foreign countries shows, presentations can be customized to show various unconventional lampholders or other LED lamps.

Terms and Conditions

1. Do not cause a short circuit in order to avoid dripping cabinet or other fault
2, do not touch the cabinet charged metal when energized
3, non-dimmable lamps to convert non-dimming function
4. If you can not work properly, please check if the fuse blows or the dimmer switch dimmer without conversion to open TCL dimmers
5, non-professionals do not open the box panels or other accessories
6, cut off the power when not in use to keep clean