Shitake Mushroom Extract- Polysaccharides

Shitake Mushroom Extract- Polysaccharides

Product description:

Latin Name: Lentinus Edodes

Active Ingredient: Polysaccharides

Testing Method: UV-VIS

Part Used: Sporocarp

Main function: Improve immunity, Anti-cancer


• 10%-50% Polysaccharides

Benefit :

1. To adjust immunity

2. Gene mutation prevention

3. Anti-tumor and anti-aging

4. To improve eye conditions

5. To support healthy liver function

6. To Lower blood levels of cholesterol and lipids

7. Anti-blood fat, prevent the blood platelet from clotting

8. To prevent all sorts of mucosa and skin inflammation


• Applied in pharmaceutical field

• Applied in health product field

• Applied in water-soluble beverages field

• Applied in functional food field


Shitake mushroom extract is extracted from high quality shitake mushroom which is regarded as king of mushroom'. The effective component of shitake mushroom extract is polysaccharides (lentinan) and unsaturation fatty acid. And it also contain abundant ergosterol and fungisterol which can change to Vitamin D. Polysaccharides can adjust immunity T cell of human body, and lower the capacity of methylcholanthrene induce tumor. Polysaccharides has strong capacity of restraining cancer cell. According to experience, restrain rate of sarcoma 180 is 97.5%, and restrain rate of S cancer is 80%. Double stranded RNA of polysaccharides can produce interferon for anti-virus. The benefit of using shitake mushroom extract as opposed to the mushroom fruit body is that there are compounds in the mycelium that don't exist in the fruiting body or that may be in much higher concentration in the mycelium. Shitake mushroom extract has been found effective to stimulate the human immune system to combat cancer. And it also has beneficial effect on blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney tonic, liver tonic; , sexual potentiator, stress, and cancer.