Mulberry Extract- Anthocyanin

Mulberry Extract- Anthocyanin

Product description:

Latin Name: Morus alba L.

Active Ingredient: Anthocyanin

Testing Method: UV

Part Used: Fruit

Main function: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacteria and virus


• 25% Anthocyanin

Benefit :

1. Treat diabetes mellitus

2. Reduce blood sugar

3. Reduce blood pressure and blood fat

4. Anti-bacteria and virus

5. Enhance immune function

6. Whiten, dispel freckle, remove wrinkles

7. Enhance skin flexibility and retard aging

8. Fight insomnia


• Applied in functional food field

• Applied in health drinks field

• Applied in cosmetics field

• Applied in pharmaceutical field


Mulberry fruit powder is a true nutritional treasure, being used in both alternative and traditional medicines for years. It contains a vast amount of nutrients essential to ones health with an overwhelming amount of anti-inflammatory, cleansing and healing properties to refresh and restore the body. Mulberry powder like many dark colored berries contains anthocyanins, powerful anti-oxidants which fight free radicals and protect our bodies from disease by enhancing the immune system.Mulberry powder anthocyanins are pigments which hold potential use as dietary modulators of mechanisms for various diseases and as natural food colorants. Due to increasing demand for natural food colorants, their significance in the food industry is increasing. Anthocyanins are responsible for the attractive colors of fresh plant foods. They are water-soluble and easily extractable. Some believe that all disease primarily stems from inflammation. Mulberry powder contains resveratrol, an anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagen agent generally found in red wine which can keep healthy cells from getting inflamed and mutating.