Soybean Germ Extract-Isoflavones

Soybean Germ Extract-Isoflavones

Product description:

Latin Name: Glycine Max L

Active Ingredient: Isoflavones

Testing Method: HPLC

Part Used: Germ

Main Function: Anti-oxidant


40% Isoflavones


1. Antioxidant effects

2. Can make up for lack of female estrogen hormone deficiencies

3. Improve skin moisture

4. Myocardial ischemia

5. Bone crisp

6. Anti-arrhythmic

7. Anti-cancer

8. Menopausal syndrome


1. Health care products

2. Livestock products

3. Poultry products


Soybean has long been used for many health benefits. Beginning in October 1999, the Food and Drug aministration approved allowing soybean manufacturers to claim that eating soy as part of a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet reduce the risk of heart disease. Soybean extract is extracted from the seeds or beans of the soy herb. It encloses several elements or compounds such as soybean isoflavones and lecithin that are therapeutically very valuable. The primary benefit of soybean extract comes from its isoflavone content. Isoflavones are antioxidants that combat damage caused by free radicals. Because of its phytoestrogen content, soybean extract is also believed to provide relief for symptoms of menopause. Phytoestrogens mimic the female hormone estrogen. In studies where participants included 20 grams of soy daily for six weeks, symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats were reduced. And also, soybean extract is applied for many other uses, like lowering cholesterol and risk of heart disease, reducing bone breakdown and so on.