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Boswellin Extract With Boswellic Acids

Boswellin Extract With Boswellic Acids
  • Boswellin Extract With Boswellic Acids
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Product Name: Boswellin Extract

Latin Name: Boswellia serrata
Part Used: Leaf
Active Ingredients: Boswellic acid
Specification : 40%, 50%, 60%, 65% Boswellic Acid

Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: yellow-white powder
Standard: GMP, Kosher, HALAL, ISO9001, HACCP.


Boswellia is a genus of trees in Sapindales order, known for their fragrant resin which has many pharmacological uses particularly as anti-inflammatories. The Biblical incense frankincense was probably an extract from the resin of the tree, Boswellia sacra. Boswellia has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine, the boswellic acids that are a component of the resin it produces have shown some promise as a treatment for asthma and various inflammatory conditions .

Main Function:

It can promote blood circulation to stop pain, relax muscles and tendons to detumescence.
1. Used for bleeing sore and Chest/ abdominal pains casued by blood stasis, often with myrrh;
2. Used for treatments of stomachache due to emotional depression and the hyperactive liver-qi attacking the stomach, often with rhizoma cyperi and Radix Curcumae.