Pure Natural Licorice Extract

Pure Natural Licorice Extract

Product description:

1. Product Name: glycyrrhizic acid
2. Spec: 98%
3. CAS No: 1405-86-3
4. white powder

Molecular Formula: C42H62O16

Molecular Weight: 822.94

Molecular structure:

Biological Source: Isol. from Gly-cyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.

Function of glycyrrhizic acid

1. glycyrrhizic acid is soluble in pyridine ethanol and Chloroform, sparing soluble in Gasoline and dimethyl ether.

insoluble in water.

2. Glycyrrhizic acid has the function of anti-bacterial, anti-tumor.

3. glycyrrhizic acid play as the adrenal cortical hormone, which is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

asthma, allergic dermatitis inflammation of ENT and ulceration

4. glycyrrhizic acid will increase skin resistance, eliminate inflammation prevent allergy, clean skin.

5. glycyrrhizic acid could also inhibit the activation of tyrosinase, prevent the formation of melanin.


food sweeteners, flavouring, cosmetics and medicines, etc. . the glycyrrhinic acid, which sugariness is about 200 times of the cane sugar, is used extensively in the field of food as food sweeteners or flavourings because of its peculiar fragrance. In the cosmetic trade , its functions of diminishing inflammation, antibiotic and curing skin disease are more remarkable. A great deal of its functions such as adrenocortical hormones are widely used. An ancient saying: the licorice is appropriate for all kinds of medicines, there is few of herbs which can be used in all medicines indicated the importance of licorice as the main ingredient .