100% Natural Coconut Extract

100% Natural Coconut Extract

Product description:

Active: Caproic acid, almitic acid

Mesh: 100% pass 80 mesh

Part Used: Fruit

Appearance: Yellowish-white fine powder

Specifications: 10: 1 15: 1

Test Method: UV, TLC

Coconut extract, a flavoring, is made by dissolving the essential oil of coconut in an alcohol base. Look for products labeled pure or natural coconut extract.

Coconut powder, spray dried fruit powder

Characteristies of flavor: It has flavor of fresh coconut, with rich sweet smell, and remained long.

Characteristics: to maximum content, maintain the original color and luster, flavors and fibers of all kinds of raw materials, possess excellent swollen and moisture, high soluble, rich nutrition, healthy and relish, easy to eat, which can be used as foods ingredients to process, replace the traditional essence and coloring matter.

Main material: high natural condensed juice.

Use: It is used in medical health products, baby and infant foods, bread, cake, biscuit, chocolate, Musi sweet, ice-cream, QQ candy and so on.


Our raw material Selected from fresh fruit and vegetable, at home and abroad. Company adopts the most advanced technology to keep the original color, taste and nutrition of fruit and vegetable. Our products are preferred natural materials for changing taste in food and drug.

1. Spray Dried Fruit & Veg powder:

Company adopts the most advanced SD technology, processes fresh fruit and vegetable into natural fruit & veg powder. The characters of our powder are good flow ability, strong solubility, easy to use and store.

2. Freeze dried fruit & veg product

Company adopts the most advanced FD technology, processes fresh fruit and vegetable into fruit & veg powder, dice, slice, with natural taste and easy to eat.

3. Crackers (such as banana chips, apple chips etc)

Company adopts the most advanced dehydration technology. Made from fresh fruit and vegetable, keep the original taste and nutrition, ready to eat.

Function :

1. Enhanced spleen and stomach

2. Drive out tapeworm

3. Diuresis detumescence


1, Pharmaceutical raw materials

2, Food and Drink for health care