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100% Natural Green Tea Extract

100% Natural Green Tea Extract
  • 100% Natural Green Tea Extract
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Product Name: Green Tea Extract, Green Tea P.E., GTE

English Name: Tea polyphenol

Other Name: Green Tea P.E.

Extraction Part: leaf

Active Ingredients: Tea Polyphenols, caffeine, perfume oil, water, mineral substances, colouring matters, Carbohydrate, Protein, Amino acids, Vitamins, etc.

Test Method: HPLC

Specifications can supply: Tea polyphenol: 20%-98%, EGCG: 15%-98%, Catechin: 30%-90%

Medical Effects: Reduced blood press, Anticoagulin, Antiatheroscloresis, lose weight, Prevention and cardiovascular disease (eg: cure atherosclerosis, thrombopoiesis and so on) , Antidiabetics, Antidiabetics, Sterilization antiviral, prevention and treatment of hepatitis, fatty liver, anti-aging and enhancing immune function, anticancer, antiallergic, prevent catching cold, prevent fracture.

Applications in other areas:

1. As Food natural antioxidants: either in Antioxidizing, security, or use cost, Tea polyphenol is obviously better than synthetic antioxidants, eg: BHA, BHT, TBHQ, PG and VE, VC and etc.

2. As cosmetic and fine additive for daily chemicals: has strong antimicrobial function and suppression enzyme action. So, it can combat skin disease, Skin allergy, wipe off skin pigments, prevent carious teeth, dental plaque, dental arthritis and halitosis etc.