GH-250 automatic chain claw wave

GH-250 automatic chain claw wave

Product description:

Technical Features:

• Overall length 2250mm, with the same configuration of large wave, medium-wave approaching capacity.

• compact, soldering and energy saving, 3KW ultra-low operating power, an optional feature 100KG ultra-small tin stove or furnace 150KG exclusive national patent.

• Flexible flux coating method, in addition to using a foam brush way outside (standard configuration), the other can be imported from Japan PRONA nozzle, constant voltage constant current flux control system for all kinds of flux, spray pressure lower, atomizing a more uniform, less flux consumption.

• preheating zone independent temperature control, can provide a wide range of adequate warm-up adjustment. Can eliminate undesirable large components on PCB soldering phenomenon, adapted to the new low-solid residue no-clean rosin flux.

• The new ultra-small capacity furnace structure (100kg), high thermal stability, while 8 hours of continuous work oxide slag is 1.5kg.

• PCB emergency cooling system: strong exports of natural air cooling, can significantly improve inter vacuole and produce lead-free solder pads eutectic generate stripped title.

• instrument control panel, the traditional intuitive, the parameters set by the instrument input accurate and fast.

• using domestic brand-name manufacturers temperature control instruments (such as Yamatake) and inverter (eg Delta).

• Spray cylinder models from Japan Koganei, SMC rodless cylinder, the whole machine AIRTAC pneumatic components.

Technical Parameters

PCB width


PCB transport height

Max. 100mm

PCB transport speed

0-1. 8m / min

Transportation rail inclination


Preheat zone length


Preheat zone temperature

Room temperature -200 ℃

Preheat Power


Tin tin furnace volume

Ordinary solder 110kg / 157kg
Lead-free solder 100kg / 145kg

Tin furnace temperature

Room temperature -300 ℃

Tin stove power


Temperature control mode


Flux capacity

About 8L

(Optional) flux flow

10-l00ml / min

Starting power

Max .8 kw

Normal operating power

About 3 kw

Wave Height

5-12mm frequency regulation

power supply

5-wire 3-phase (5w, 3p) 380v (220v option)

Gas source



About 7 50kg


2250x 1100x 1620 (mm)

Optional equipment 1

Nitrogen protection system

Optional equipment 2

Cooling System