GHR-F series of lead-free hot air reflow

GHR-F series of lead-free hot air reflow

Product description:

〓 The machine features: 〓
• Each temperature zone every corner are using forced hot air heating system circulating evenly throughout the oven cavity
• The device is heated evenly, does not shift, wind speed stepless adjustable.
• UPS automatic delayed shutdown can be built to ensure the PCB after a power outage or overheating protection removed from the cavity without damage
• The user program, set the date, time and heating curve, automatic startup, shutdown.
• the upper furnace overall clamshell structure, easy maintenance.
• temperature zone multi-channel digital PID automatic control system.
• Transport speed closed-loop PID control, automatic PCB count.
• can network with transmission, constant run, both for mass production, but also for small batch production of many varieties
• Support for the actual temperature, velocity curve after printing and class analysis, failure analysis, sound and light alarm.
• Equipped F635 / F840 and other models, full computer control system is optional.

Technical Parameters

PCB size


transfer speed

O-1.8m / min closed-loop adjustable

Transport lane width adjustment range


Working height

900 ± 20mm

PCB temperature deviation analysis


Temperature Accuracy


Number of temperature zones


Temperature zone control mode

Multi-point digital PID control

temperature range

RT ~ 360 ℃

Warm-up time

Less than 50min

Control System

Integrated Instrumentation System / full computer control optional

Transmission belt width

30Omm / 350mm / 400mm


580Kg / 750Kg / 800Kg


3800 x 1150 x 1400mm

power supply

3φ380V / 22KW / 28KW