A sufficient amount of phone memory card wholesale | OZ three months | Quality | hundred percent no repair rate


Product description:

A sufficient amount of phone memory card wholesale three-month replacement warranty repair rate hundred percent no

Shenzhen-Year Electronics Technology is a professional production of high-speed mobile phone memory card brand memory card manufacturers, the company each month out of the memory card sales have tens of thousands of pieces of customers throughout the country have distribution points, our achievements are our customers have been The results support the new year we will be more complete scale of the company to provide customers with a more perfect products and quality.

The company's products are OZ three months, one year warranty, after-sales rate of a fraction of each client in order to protect the interests of the perfect figure would have been to do the minimum.

The company's storage products are mobile power and free one-year warranty, three months Baohuan commitment. Currently we produce mobile power eighty kinds of styles, client For quotes and quotes, you can add our QQ 1908729187 or Telephone contact 13544209652 Office Tel 0755-36627256 We look forward to the support and cooperation of each client grow together in the new year, with the development of Alibaba China station address http:... //shop1393347485799.1688 com