Wallet phone charging Po wholesale price -12 000 mA Phone mobile power

Wallet phone charging Po wholesale price -12 000 mA Phone mobile power

Product description:

Wallet phone charging Po wholesale price -12 000 mA Phone mobile power

Common batteries on the phone mobile power: polymer lithium battery, 18650 Lithium, AAA NiMH batteries (batteries)
A lithium ion (Lib) batteries manufacturers: the familiar Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo (acquired by Matsushita of), ATL, BAK (BAK)
Polymer (lip) lithium polymer battery) batteries manufacturers: ATL (Dongguan New Energy), BAK, B & K, BYD, work of God, Hercules, billion-Wei Li energy, Ronda (Scud seems to be acquired), constant Ze Tong, sea surplus, the United States thanks to the sea the sun and the like;

Second, the capacity comparison: foreign production of lithium-ion batteries: 220024002600300031003400; (Mass more)
Domestic production of lithium-ion batteries: 12001500200021002200; (mostly small capacity)

Third, the structure comparison: polymer shape freedom, thinnest to 0.5MM, lithium-ion batteries based mainly in the 18650, the diameter 18MM, 65MM highly batteries;

Fourth, the conversion difference: polymer batteries internal resistance, conversion rate; the higher the resistance of liquid lithium-ion batteries, the conversion rate is slightly lower.

The above is general manufacturers of the more common batteries, due to the recent number of manufacturers take leave batteries on the market or some B 18650 shoddy so when consumers choose the manufacturer must pay attention to choose some qualifications or scale manufacturers as suppliers.

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