Supply 4g mobile phone memory card | High-speed mobile phone memory card 4g wholesale | Kingston 4g memory card prices

Supply 4g mobile phone memory card | High-speed mobile phone memory card 4g wholesale | Kingston 4g memory card prices

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Supply of high-speed mobile phone memory card 4g 4g 4g mobile phone memory card wholesale Kingston memory card prices

About storage speed mobile phone memory card Description:

CLASS is for SDHC memory card transfer specification, Class2 = 2M / s, Class4 = 4M / s, Class6 = 6M / s, Class10 = 10M / s.

Online quote for reference purposes only. Prices are subject to change, please confirm pricing and inventory before the next one.

Real Simple Please bring capacity and the number of the request for

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1, we quoted prices are bare card prices, for printing, packaging and copy data, the price of another.
2, due to the large fluctuations in the price of flash memory cards, we are only reported once price !! lowest price! Shenzhen at the time of the transaction price, every quote reservation 15 minutes, after the inquiry if prolonged uncertainty orders, we do not ensure that there supply of goods!
3, the development of this line of flash memory cards today, if your order quantity is more than 1,000 suppliers in the profits of only about 0.1, even if the amount you want another big can not be much cheaper. Of course the premise is no problem goods , short delivery time, high-speed printing original enough original card.
4, we only high-quality products. Eliminate shoddy products.

Phone memory card profits all wholesale merchant please confirm in advance the lowest closing price and our next single before. We will never be able to raise prices traded, the price is definitely old customers deal with you.

Chengzhao agents and interested small business entrepreneurs want specific details, please consult our solemn commitment of the company;.! Companies adhering to the absolute minimum profit after cooperation with you to achieve long-term cooperation Where a company can guarantee quality problems ! Your sincere cooperation is that it allows us to go farther! Another point of the company's products offer card prices are all naked! before such orders shall be packed before and we confirm, thank you! Our phone number is 0755-36699035 13544209652 Website http:. //www.gxkj168 com QQ 1908729187, such as QQ full member, please add another QQ 2418971370.