6ES7971-0BA00 Siemens S7-400

6ES7971-0BA00 Siemens S7-400

Product description:

6ES7971-0BA00 Siemens S7-400
Brand : TADIRAN Israel TL-5903 (400 series SIEMENS Siemens PLC power module battery 6ES7971-0BA00)
Size : 14mm * 50mm
Voltage : 3.6V
Capacity : 2400mAh
Model : TL-5903 ( alias : 14500, AA, TL5903T) early use of the name : (sl-360, TL-2100, TL-4903, TL-5104.)
Origin: Israel

Original Product

Siemens 6ES7 971-0BA00 Yuanzhuanglidian pool 400PLC lithium battery 6ES7971-0BA00

• The series of batteries to work long micro-current, voltage stable, good security as the main features.
• specific energy up 620wh / kg, in all kinds of chemical batteries is the highest.
• open circuit voltage ≥3.64V, the operating voltage is usually between 3.3 ~ 3.6V, more than 90 % of the battery capacity is almost constant voltage output high voltage platform .
• Operating temperature range : -55 ~ + 85 ℃
• micro-current work for a long time .

• Normal storage, storage life of up to 10 years .