ML1220-1FC (Maxell) button battery with PIN feet

ML1220-1FC (Maxell) button battery with PIN feet

Product description:

ML1220-1FC (Maxell) button battery with PIN feet
Original Panasonic ML1220
Made in Japan, with a fillet, model FC
Standard voltage : 3V
Rated Capacity : 120mAh
Dimensions : 12.5 * 2.0mm
Operating temperature range : -20 ~ 60 ° C
Uses instrumentation, digital products
Product certification UL, CE, SGS

1. button lithium manganese dioxide battery

2. Main Application :

Computer motherboards, MP3 watches, remote control, IC cards, electronic dictionaries, calculators, tax control machines, electronic watches, medical equipment, records Bluetooth headset, electronic products.

3. Advantages:

Temperature is good, good sealing performance, long storage time, stable discharge voltage.

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