Omron 3G2A9-BAT08 C500-BAT08

Omron 3G2A9-BAT08 C500-BAT08

Product description:

Omron 3G2A9-BAT08 C500-BAT08
Omron PLC lithium batteries suitable CNC machine tools and automation equipment for storing data

Name : maxel

Specifications : l Maxell 3G2A9-BAT08ER17 / 33 3.6V ( with plug )

Omron OMRON 3G2A9-BAT08 CQM1 / C60P C500-BAT08 Maxell MAXELL ER1733 3.6V 4 -pin plug
Omron OMRON C200H-BAT09 SANYO SANYO CR17335 3V 2 -pin plug
Omron OMRON CPM2A-BAT01 CPM2A / CQM1H Toshiba TOSHIBA ER3V 3.6V 2 -pin plug
Omron OMRON M5R Panasonic PANASONIC BR-23A 3V without plug
Omron OMRON C500-BAT10 SANYO SANYO CR12600 3.6V 2 -pin plug
Omron OMRON CS1W-BAT01 Toshiba TOSHIBA ER17500V 3.6V 2 -pin plug
Omron OMRON CJ1W-BAT01 SANYO SANYO CR14250 3.0v 2 core white plug