Button battery with PIN feet BR1225-1HF

Button battery with PIN feet BR1225-1HF

Product description:

BR1225-1HF ( Panasonic ) Button battery with PIN feet
Name : Panasonic lithium coin BR1225-1HF temperature with solder pins
Fillet Model : 1HF
Origin: Japan
Standard voltage : 3V
Rated capacity : 48mAh
Dimensions : 12.5 * 2.5mm
Weight : 0.8g
Operating temperature range : -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C
High temperature

Mainly used:

Car alarms, tire testing meter, handheld computers, industrial motherboards, calculators, watches, shoes, lamps, electronic thermometers, electronic toys, flashlights, tax control machines, medical equipment, small electronic gifts, Bluetooth wireless products, multi-function wireless remote control , PDA, MP8, electronic key, card radios, IC cards, smart appliances, digital cameras, mobile phones and other devices .

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