Product description:

MS621F-IL36E ( rechargeable button battery )
Brand : SII
Model : MS621F-IL36E
Standard voltage 3.0V
Internal resistance: 150 ohms

Dimensions 6.8 * 2.1MM
Rated capacity 5.0MAH


1. The battery uses silicon oxide as the anode, the lithium manganese oxide as the cathode synthesis. Therefore, it can supply ten times the existing conventional battery, and has a longer life cycle, excessive discharge very stable characteristics.

2. Discharge capacity: able to provide high-capacity power supply in the range of high operating voltage 2.0V to 3.3V ;

3. Long life : the voltage range from 2.0V to 3.3V, the charge and discharge times can be more than two hundred times ;

4. Excellent excessive discharge characteristics : the battery discharge to zero volts during voltage can remain stable.

Mainly used

Various sizes and a small thickness of the apparatus, the device is saved and the clock to provide backup power. As Hu Chuan, mobile phones, memory cards, fax machines, personal computers and tuners .

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