Button battery with PIN feet BR1225-1VC

Button battery with PIN feet BR1225-1VC

Product description:

BR1225-1VC ( Panasonic ) Button battery with PIN feet
Brand Panasonic Model BR1225-1VC
Rated Capacity 48 (mah) Standard voltage 3 (V)
Charging current 5m (A) Dimensions 12 * 2.5 (mm)
Product Certification UL, SGS

1. Panasonic BR Series battery for the Panasonic exclusive supply, wide temperature range ( -40 degrees -120 degrees ), stable electrochemical properties, especially suitable for the application (high temperature ) under extreme conditions

2. BR series with terminals supply is required, not only to supply the body

3. Mainly used in high-end electronic products, industrial boards, etc.

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