Mitsubishi PM-20BL F940

Mitsubishi PM-20BL F940

Product description:

Mitsubishi PM-20BL F940
Model Mitsubishi PM-20BL F940 (MAXELL ER3)


Origin Japan

Voltage 3.6V

Main purpose: Mitsubishi PLC lithium battery

Product Specifications
Model / Dimensions (diameter x total height) / capacity / weight / discharge current

ER3 / 14.5x31.1mm / 910mAh / 8g / 40μA

Lithium - thionyl chloride battery rated battery 3.6V, lithium battery series is currently the highest voltage;
Lithium - thionyl chloride battery is the highest energy in the actual use of a battery cell (500 wh / kg, 1000wh / dm3);
When the room temperature moderate current density discharge, the discharge curve is very flat 90% of the capacity range of work platform remains the same.;
~ The battery can operate in -40 ° C + 85 ° C within the range of normal capacity ° C at 50% of capacity is about room temperature, showing a very good high temperature performance-40.;
Self-discharge rate (= 1%; storage life of 10 years.

Water, gas, electricity meters, real-time clock, PLC memory backup power supply, automotive electronics, various instruments, meters, and other equipment.