CR1025 (DGH) in the neutral button batteries

CR1025 (DGH) in the neutral button batteries

Product description:

CR1025 (DGH) neutral button batteries
Name : DGH
Model : CR1025
made in China
Standard voltage : 3V
Rated capacity : 30mAh
Dimensions : 10.0 * 2.5mm
Weight : 0.6g
Operating temperature range : -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

. Mainly used

Car alarms, tire testing meter, handheld computers, industrial motherboards, calculators, watches, shoes, lamps, electronic thermometers, electronic toys, flashlights, tax control machines, medical equipment, small electronic gifts, Bluetooth wireless products, multi-function wireless remote control , PDA, MP8, electronic key, card radios, IC cards, smart appliances, digital cameras, mobile phones and other devices .

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