Mitsubishi PLC battery ER6VC119A

Mitsubishi PLC battery ER6VC119A

Product description:

Mitsubishi PLC battery ER6VC119A
Model ER6VC119A brand TOSHIBA

Country of origin Japan

Voltage 3.6V

Main uses Mitsubishi PLC equipment, original products

Product specifications

A6BAT 3.6V MR-BAT 3.6V

Q6BAT 3V F2-40BL 3.6V

PM-20BL 3.6V FX2NC-32BL 3.6V


MR-J3BAT 3.6V ER6VC119A 3.6V

ER6VC119B 3.6V

... ...

There other models are welcome to inquire!

Scope of application:

CNC machine tools, server, programming, PLC, CNC, injection molding machine, printing machine, touch screens, electricity meters, water meters, real time clock, power reserve memory, various measuring instruments, electronic equipment, such as