MS621F FL11E rechargeable button cell

MS621F FL11E rechargeable button cell

Product description:

MS621F FL11E (Seiko) rechargeable coin cell
Seiko brand
Model MS621F FL11E
Chemical type lithium - manganese dioxide button batteries
Standard Voltage 3V
Rated capacity 5.5mAh
Dimensions 6.8 * 2.15 (mm)
Use instruments, meters and other
Product certification UL, CE, SGS, RoHS

Seiko battery MS621F FL11E


1. a large discharge capacity
2. While having a high operating voltage 3.3V ~ 2.0V of, get a large discharge capacity.
3. Long discharge cycle life
4. Under 3.3V ~ 2.0V discharge conditions, with more than 200 cycle life cycle.
5. With excellent over-discharge
After discharge to 0.0V, stable characteristics can be maintained.


Backup 1. mobile communication devices, OA, AV, mobile phone equipment and other electronic equipment information storage and chronograph function
Solar cell is formed by a combination of hybrid power
Small and thin portable device's main power source.

MS621 Voltage 3.0V ,capacity 4.0mAh size 6.8X2.1mm weight0.23g

MS621F Voltage 3.0V ,capacity 5.5mAh size 6.8X2.1mm weight0.23g
MS614 Voltage 3.0V ,capacity 2.3mAh size 6.8X1.4mm weight0.17g
MS614S Voltage 3.0V ,capacity 3.4mAh size 6.8X1.4mm weight0.17g
MS412F Voltage 3.0V ,capacity 1.0mAh size 4.8X1.8mm weight0.07g
NBS414H Voltage 2.0V ,capacity 0.2mAh size 4.8X1.4mm weight0.07g
HB414 Voltage 3.0V ,capacity 0.3 mAh size 4.8X1.4mm weight0.07g
XH414 Voltage 3.3V ,capacity 0.07mAh size 4.8X1.4mm weight0.06g
XH414H Voltage 3.3V ,capacity 0.07mAh size 4.8X1.4mm weight0.07g

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