Mitsubishi A6BAT ER17330V

Mitsubishi A6BAT ER17330V

Product description:

Mitsubishi A6BAT ER17330V
Type A6BAT ER17330V / 3.6V


Origin Japan

Voltage 3.6V

Main purpose: Mitsubishi PLC, Omori dedicated servers and instrumentation, CNC systems

Product Specifications

Model / Capacity / diameter X height
A6BAT 1700mAh 17x33.5mm
MR-BAT 1700mAh 17x33.5mm
Q6BAT 1800mAh 17x33.5mm

Product advantages :
High density, high capacity, low self-discharge rate, wide temperature range ( -55 to +85 degrees Celsius), durability


CNC machine tools, servers, programming, PLC, CNC, injection molding machines, printing presses, touch screen, energy, water, real-time clock, memory backup power supply, a variety of measuring instruments, special electronic devices