CR2335 (DGH)

CR2335 (DGH)

Product description:

CR2335 (DGH)
Brand: DGH
Model CR2335
Origin: China
Chemical type lithium manganese dioxide battery
Standard voltage: 3V
Rated capacity of 300mAh
Dimensions 23*3.5 (mm)
Product certifications UL, CE, SGS

Main function:

• High energy density

• Stable discharge voltage

• Store at room temperature for more than 10 years

• Good sealing

• Working temperature range:-40 ℃ ~ 60℃

Main use:

• Audio and video equipment: digital cameras, Flash cameras

• Safety equipment: alarm, smoke alarm

• Lighting: LED lights, fishing lamps, miniature Flash shoes lights

• Electronics: electronic dictionary, electronic clocks, electronic scales, electronic calculator

• Information appliances: computer motherboards, memory cards, card readers, remote control

• Other: electric tools and electric toys, miniature instruments, medical equipment, small household appliances

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