Sony CR1450b 3V with solder pin | Button batteries

Sony CR1450b 3V with solder pin | Button batteries

Product description:

Sony CR1450b 3V button battery with solder pins
Voltage : 3V

Type : lithium manganese CR series of button batteries with foot

Dimensions : Diameter 24mm thickness 5mm

Battery characteristics : a stable and reliable product performance, low self-discharge, strong anti overnight widely used in computer motherboards, memory cards, music cards, calculators, electronic watches and clocks, electric toys, miniature instruments, medical equipment, LED flash, read card reader, small appliances, security, remote control, electronic scales, electronic dictionaries, MP4, digital cameras, various electronic products standby power, telecommunication, digital electronics, IT and other portable electronic power products. Depending on the battery and electronic products particular requirements for electrical performance, developed a special remote control batteries, anti-theft device -specific batteries, electronic watches dedicated battery, computer motherboards battery, LED flash special batteries, electronics, said special battery, MP3 special batteries and other products.

Sony cr2450b 3v button coin cell battery with pin

vol: 3V

Model No .: cr2450b

Brand: Sony

size; 24 * 5 mm