cardboard sample cutting machine

cardboard sample cutting machine

Product description:

Computer Sample/ cardboard Cutting Machines

Technical Parameters
Model RC-0609 RC-0609E RC-0609A RC-0912A RC-0915A RC-1215A RC-1218A
Overall dimension 128*93*92cm 128*93*92cm 128*93*92cm 158*133*92cm 185*133*92cm 185*161*92cm 215*133*92cm
Cutting area 90*60cm 90*60cm 90*60cm 120*90cm 150*90cm 150*120cm 180*120
Operation properties Computer operation and cutting machines can be used simultaneously for quick data transmission capable of continuous operations
Cutting speed 1200mm/ s quickest
Cutting thickness (2mm
Cutting materials Yellow thick paper board, red hard paper board, PVC board, ivory cardboard, sulphite paper, insole fiberboard and plastic board, etc
Cutting style Multipurpose blade holder, 4 groups of different strokes, half blades
Pen shape/ Cutter shape Common gel pens, oily pens, ball pens/ specific tungsten steel cutter
Fixing manner Double-sided adhesive/ vacuum absorption/ static absorption
Mechanical resolution 0.007mm
Software resolution 0.025mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm optional
Transmission interface Standard parallel port and serial port
Buffer capacity 256M
Directive system HP-GL compatible format
Digital control panel Liquid crystal display and contact button
Transmission materials Imported straight-line guide rail
Supply voltage/ power AC 220V ± 10%/ 50Hz
Fuse specification 6A, 2A
Servomotor Step motor, servomotor


• Imported straight-line guide rails are used for the transmission system at a quick speed, high accuracy, low noise and steady quality.

• Japanese originally imported pieces for static boards, and a great number of imported products are also used for other parts and components.

• The quickest cutting speed is at 1200mm/ s.

• A buffer at 256M and completion of one-off quick transmission.

• Standard I/ O interface in HP-GL format

• Any CAD software can be connected. It is widely used for plotting and cutting for the industries and sectors like garment, shoemaking, cases, handbags, laser cutter molds plotting, lighting fixtures, advertising gifts, self-adhesive and color box packing