new design automatic cold laminator

new design automatic cold laminator

Product description:

New design automatic cold laminator

Automatic cold laminator, new design cold laminator

Reducing labour cost , Advancing production quality
at least save one labour cost.
It can be avoid the phenomenon like bubble, snowflake dot with 50°C for laminate.
With high efficiency, high yield production.
It can keep in straightly to laminate in 50m
with automatic uncover paper function
It can be operate to laminate 400m2/ h with 1 worker or unmanned.
When laminate the thin stick paper, it will not wrinkled, and the dark color picture will keep fastness.
Wide range of application
available for indoor, out door, GCG, frameless picture, etc


Max width

Max thickness 25mm
speed 0-8m/ min
Temperature setting range 10°C-60°C
Rubber roll promotion way Unilateral linkage promotion
Rubber roll heating way Infrared internal heating
Rubber roll preheat interval 5-10min
Continuous working power loss 0.3-0.5kw/ h
Fixed power input 1200w
Fixed input voltage 110/220v
Machine weight 200kg
External dimensions 1865x650x1140mm
1,60W motor which can adjust the speed
2,Automatic paper take-up device
3,Non-contact Infrared Temperature Measurement System
4,Stainless steel Scratch proof front and back working table
5,crease-resist, oblique-resist feeding paper device
6,Inching foot switch
7. Diameter 130mm roller which has Endures warm function
8. Single side pressure-regulatin which can keep press in balance