multifunction 1.6 meters high quality hot laminator

multifunction 1.6 meters high quality hot laminator

Product description:

Multifunction 1.6 meters high quality hot laminator
Fast, easy operation
Can do hot laminating&cold laminating job

model number RC-1600H/ RC-1300H
working width 1600mm/ 1300mm
Max laminating width (mm) 1280/1580mm
warm-up time (min) 10-15
Imput voltage (v) 110/220V
Way of laminating Auto
Adjust range of speed 0-4m/ min
Max laminating thickness (mm) 30 mm
Diameter of silicone roll 13cm
Temperature range 10°C-140°C
weight (kg) 185kg/ 230kg
packing size RC1600: 2.2x0.81x0.74m=1.319CBM
RC1300: 1.9x0.81x0.74m=1.139CBM

Advantage of our machine:

1, can overturn the front working table which is easy to maintain and fix machine, also save your place.

2, can adjust, scroll the roll, which ensure the picture smooth and slippy, even for the thin adhesive canbe done well.

3, auto take up paper and adjust it's degree of tightness, which make the laminating nice.

4, pare stand for spare roll film, convenience for use

5, take up the buttom film after it was lamnating.

6, can do hot laminating and cold laminating job.