3D printer consumable filament ABS\PLA on sell

3D printer consumable filament ABS\PLA on sell

Product description:

3D printer consumable filament ABS/ PLA on sell

PLA filament colors 1kg/ spool reprap 3D printer

Relative to the ABS, PLA has the following advantages:
(1) PLA's processing temperature is low, can be processed at 185 degrees;
(2) odor harmless, good smell like fried corn ;
(3) high strength, high stiffness, suitable for DIY players do duplicate printer components;
(4) forming performance is excellent, thermoforming dimensional stability, low shrinkage (0.3%) ,layers stick each other well;
(5) brightly colored, translucent color;
For customers, we are free to provide technical information counseling, ensure a smooth PLA used, for the market often reflects the PLA block nozzle solutions and non-stick hot bed.

Our PLA filament advantages compare to other PLA filament:

We select of premier grade ABS material, low water absorption, high toughness. Factory direct sales, inexpensive, buy more, bigger discount! !


ordinary PLA


3, A (clear natural) ,B (toughness translucent color, our technical innovation products) ,C (opaque color)

A (clear natural) ,C (opaque color)

Processing temperature

185 deg

210 deg


No smole, taste like fried corn

No, smoke, taske like fried corn

Diameter Variations






+/ -0.03mm

+/ -0.02~0.05mm

water absorption

Very low, no bubbles occur when printing even expose to air for over half a year

High, much bubbles printing at high temperature after the filament opened from seal packaging and exposed to air for a period ( like one month or shorter time)

Surface gloss




Type A and C is not good toughness, B is good tough

Not good toughn

Color : Natural, white, black, red, sky blue, dark blue , florescent green, dark green, florescent yellow, dark yellow , orange, purple, pink, grey, brown, glow in dark, etc.

Diameter: 1.75mm
MOQ : 1 kg/ roll/ color