high speed UV printer for wood\glass printing

high speed UV printer for wood\glass printing

Product description:

High speed UV printer for wood/ glass printing

1, UV light curing, the screen fine, convenient and quick.
2, Print on flexible and rigid media, Including PE, PP, ABS, PMMA, PS, PU, metal, ceranic tile and glass, etc
3, Screen color fastness is good, outdoor 3-year non-fading
4, Moving parts is the raster, resolution is high; negative pressure for the ink.
constant temperature technology, suitable for a wider geographical temperature changes.
5, Reflects the many advantages of digital printing, no plate-making, computer control technology, easy to learn, without professional knowledge, easy to spread
6, The key technology for the United States imports, stable performance, low energy consumption.
Application area
Advertising Blister, Logo Production, Screen Printing, Decoration.
Technical parameters
Model RC- 3100U
Media fixation methods Vacuum or Common platform
Printing size 2000X3000 (mm)
Media thickness 1-70mm (Special requests can be made to order)
Printhead type KONICA512-14/ KONICA512-42
Printhead control Nozzle temperature and voltage controlled by software
Drying system UV Lamp
Rip software PhotoPrint V6.0
(Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro Sp2)
Media types Metal, Glass, Woodboard, Aluminum plastic board, PMMA, Ceramic tile, Textile.
Self-adhesive paste, Cystose, Corrugated sheet, Plastic, Wallpapers, Papers etc.
Ink types Environmentally-friendly UV curable Inks
Special ink UV White ink or UV transparent varnish.
have been pre-split special ink in tank
Interface USB
Electrical Environment One-way exchange of 220V, 50/60Hz
Color control Comply with international ICC standards.
function of curve and density adjustment
Image formats TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF ect.
Printhead quantity 4 6 8
Printing speed (max) 360X1440dpi 12m2/ h 360X1440dpi 12m2/ h 360X1440dpi 24m2/ h
720X720dpi 10m2/ h 720X720dpi 10m2/ h 720X720dpi 20m2/ h
720X1440dpi 8m2/ h 720X1440dpi 8m2/ h 720X1440dpi 16m2/ h
Colors C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, White (W) ,Varnish (Clr)
Environment request Best temperature: 18-25°C, relative humidity: 40-70%
Dimension 3900x2250x1550mm
Special sizes can be ordered


1. one year warranty for parts ( not including head and ink supply system)
2. 24 hours online technical support
3. lifetime maintain
4. offer engineer man to your country to help client anytime if request

5. with CE certificate