Large Format Poster Solvent Plotter

Large Format Poster Solvent Plotter

Product description:

large format poster solvent plotter
Head number 2 Epson DX5/7 head 2*180*8 2880 nozzle
Resolution1440 dpi
ColorDouble (Y M C K, K C M Y)
Working Area3300mm
Valid Print Width3200mm
INKWater base DYE, PIGMENT, ECO-SOLVENT, Sublimation INK
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Speed2 pass 56 SQM/ hour
4 pass 27 SQM/ hour
6 pass 18 SQM/ hour
8 pass 14 SQM/ hour
Dry0.025mm/ step (0.001in./ step)
Heating systemFront and Back heating, Fan
Material sending
Roll to roll
Humidity40% - 70%
Dimension: 3.13*0.75*0.92M
Gross weight460 KG

Advantage of our machine:

1) Automatic printhead protect, which can help you extend
the life of printhead easily.

2) Dual EPSON head printer, can support both one or two head
status, you can choose to use one head if you need.

3) Double head for faster speed, improve work efficiency than
normal solvent printer.

4) Carriage level adjustment reach up to 1mm -5mm, multi-
material can be used for the printer.

5) Easy to operate and maintance


1. one year warranty for parts ( not including head and ink supply system)
2. 24 hours online technical support
3. lifetime maintain
4. offer engineer man to your country to help client anytime if request

5. with CE certification