four colour offset printer low price

four colour offset printer low price

Product description:

four colour offset printer low price

Model RC-452
Max. printing size
520 X 360mm
Min. sheet size
297 X 210mm
Max. print format
505 X 345mm
Paper size 0.04-0.40mm
Max. speed
10000 pieces/ hour
Speed adjustment
Frequency converter
Plate size
510 X 400 X 0.15mm
Blanket size
510 X 450 X1.90mm
Gripper margin
Plate loading
Auto loading (optional)
Ink rollers
16pcs per unit (4 form)
Pile at feeder

Pile at delivery
Power supply
380V, 10KW

Less than 80db




1. Over thick whole cast iron pedestal
2. Electric bevel draw plate plus intelligent plate draw system
3. Pneumatic pressure on-off
4. Rapid plate loading device
5. Import INA bearing original Germany
6. Electric control system adopts Taiwan component, 10.5 color touch screen.
7. Equipped with fault diagnosis system
8. High quality alcohol tank and dampening motor has tracking function.
9. Information collection adopts digital sensors.
10. One set of special and universal tool

1. Over thick whole cast iron pedestal and wall board: Typical structure of heavy duty offset press, Architecture in Heidelberg way, achieve the damand of rapid steady working, high accuracy and durability.
2. Heavy duty structure and helicoid gears transmission system: Over thick whole wall board is the dependable fundation of sylinder bearing revolving without vibration, which makes cylinders enough pressure. Helicoid gears structure especily ensure machine working steady and durability and enhence the quality of printing.
3. Blanket cylinder adopts world advanced on-off pressure technology-Heidelberg three point suspension: Two pressures assurance-plate and printing, which reappear dots reality. Adjustment among sylinders don't affect each other, pressure is accurate and reliable.
4. Quality guarantee: Crucial parts adopt import INA gearing from Germany which life is 10 times than Chinese.
5. Pneumatic on-off pressure: Inking and dampening on-off is controlled by import air cylinder from Korea.
6. Electrical apparatus elemen: Crucial electrical apparatus elemens adopt import ones which ensure machine working steady.
7. Gripper: The whole gripper system is imported from Heidelberg.
8. Intelligent human machine interface: The operation of machine is automatic, multicolor touch screen is clear, easy and manifest.
9. Quantification adjustment: The processes of presssure adjustment, inking adjustment and dampening adjustment are controlled by import encoder, achieving digital quantification adjustment.
10. Centralizaton lubrication: All the gears and gearings are lubricated at the same time while starting or working (manual control pump in single color press) .
11. Inking pot zone-control: Adjustment of inkong pot is operated by zones which unaffect each other yet, so ensure enough ink store and inking uniformity.
12. Rapid plate change: Pneumatic rapid plate clamp is firm and steady which improve the speed of plate change.